Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MaaTP @ MoMA PS1 EXPO 1 ProBio Water Games

Last Sunday, I was in NYC for MoMA PS1's EXPO1 exhibition, where Proteus was shown/played in a little movie theater for a few hours & where I then gave a presentation/had a fun piano conversation with Jamin Warren on music as touch / haptics. Thanks to Kevin McGarry & Jamin for having me out!

The talk wasn't recorded, but here are the slides we moved through:


(Sorry for the bizarre gap between qualities-- this was the only thing I could figure out quickly to avoid 20mb only)

Also saw the ProBio show there (tho didn't capture the little vacuum-robots all over the floor, which I guess had been taken out early) and some great rain / bubble activity-- made a vid of the trip:

And a bigger version of the exhibit description, with some interesting post-humansm/new materialism/inorganic life stuff going on... 'non-new-media' computer activity parallel to videogames, lots to be inspired from here, screens submerged in water & dirt, etc.

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